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/amodelofcontrol. a cracked machine.

9 August 1978
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  • Shelley College - Huddersfield, England - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (1991 - 1996)
  • King's College London - City of Westminster, England - Greater London, United Kingdom (1996 - 1999)
adam, 34, works. And stuff.

Like: dj'ing | music reviews | photographic images | other freelance work

And yes, you probably have met me somewhere.

Friends only, please leave a comment to be added. Note: I have no problem at all with people I don't know IRL adding me, if you so wish to do so: however, I retain the right not to add you back if I feel like it. My journal nowadays is rarely all that much personal information, I just keep it Friends only so I know who is reading.

Been added? please read here first (Disclaimers and stuff now here too). In short, this LJ consists of rambling about everyday life, music, news, photos, more music, events you should go to and other neat things I think are worth linking to. It is also a drama-llama-free zone.

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